Université de Strasbourg

Doctoral Thesis

Current PhD Theses

Beginning of the thesis Doctoral student PhD supervisor(s)
2022- Marie Mancassola Eva Louvet
2022- Hiba Errajraji Eva Commissaire
2022- Sophie Joly-Froment Eva Commissaire
2021- Elena Costache Luisa Weiner & Sébastien Weibel
2021- Thomas Lehoux Luisa Weiner
2021- Marie Riebel Luisa Weiner
2021- Charlotte Rauscher Eva Louvet
2020- Doha Bemmouna Luisa Weiner
2020- Julie Daul Odile Rohmer
2019- Ianis Chassang Bruno Chauvin & Odile Rohmer
2019- Claire Fontaa Elisabeth Demont, Anne-Sophie Besse & Eva Commissaire
2018- Marie-Ange Lecerf

Elisabeth Demont, Séverine Casalis & Eva Commissaire

Past Doctoral Theses (from 2007)


Year of defense Doctoral student Title of the thesis PhD supervisor(s)


Jad Hamaoui

Development of laterality : asymmetrical human behaviors and perceptual biases

Hervé Segond


Marine Granjon

A neuro-socio-cognitive approach to social perception: new perspectives for disability research

Odile Rohmer et Maria Popa-Roch


Bérénice Saidah

La valeur sociale de l'effort et de l'idéologie méritocratique dans les jugements scolaires

Eva Louvet et Bruno Chauvin


Carolina Moreira

The role of morphological awareness in French-speaking children learning Portuguese as a second language

Elisabeth Demont, Anne-Sophie Besse et Fraulein Vidigal de Paula

2019 Cécile Gaubert

The roles of competence and assertiveness judgements in the justification of social hierarchy

Eva Louvet
2018 Agnès Costerg

Development of orthographic skills: a study of lexical boundary knowledge of pupils with no written language difficulties and dyslexic primary school pupils

Elisabeth Demont et Daniel Daigle

2016 Caroline Gérard A study of cognitive deficits at the origin of dyslexia: influence of the ability to memorise associations with a verbal component: developmental and neuropsychological aspects

Elisabeth Demont

2015 Natalia Rusnac Social comparison in the context of risk in healthy and chronically sleep deprived participants: impact on self-report, affect and behaviour

Patricia Tassi et Florence Spitzenstetter

2014 Yves Desnos

Cognition, corporeity and disability in adults with autism and mental retardation living in an institutional context

Hervé Segond

 2013 Perrine Bellusso

The benefits of sensory-mediated psychotherapy in the care of relational and communication disorders in severely impaired children with autism

Hervé Segond

2013 Antonin Carrier

The respective roles of agentism and competence in the perception of social status

 Eva Louvet
2012 Frederik Ginsberg The automatic effects of activating the stereotype associated with people with disabilities on fine motor performance  Eva Louvet
2011 Fanny Reder Study of the development of morphological awareness and reading in children learning a second language (German) in a bilingual education programme  Elisabeth Demont