Université de Strasbourg


Ph.D., Neurosciences
CNRS Research fellow

University of Strasbourg (UdS)
Laboratory of Psychology of Cognitions (LPC)

Email : schim@unistra.fr
Tél : +33 (0) 3 68 85 19 10


Current research finds its place in the field of Positive psychology, the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive.

In collaboration with others LPC’s members, my works focus on cognitive and emotional processes implicated in non-conscious activation of stereotypes and prejudice. The aim is to explore if changes in self-image, self-conscious observation or self-control enhancement (notably via the meditation practice) can defuse the automatic activation of such mental processes.

Education and professional positions held

From morphology to behavior, from behavior to consciousness…

Since 2001: Laboratory of Psychology of Cognitions, University of Strasbourg, France

2001-2008: Imaging and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Strasbourg, France

1999-2000: One year assignment at McGill University, Montréal (Canada)

1999: Habilitation to Direct Research, Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France

1986: CNRS Research Fellow

1984-1986: Post-doctorat position, Research Center of Molecular Endocrinology, CH Laval   University, Québec (Canada)

1984: Ph.D. of Compared Neuroendocrinology, Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France

Topics of interest

  • Positive Psychology

  • Cognitive and emotional impacts of meditation practice

  • De-automatization of mental processes

  • Implicit priming

  • Stereotypes and prejudice

  • Self- risk assessments

Recent publications and other scientific activities

Peer- reviewed papers and book chapters

Rohmer, O., & Schimchowitsch, S. (2016). Psychologie des émotions et accompagnement. In A. Chauvet (Ed.), l’art d’accompagner autrement (pp. 95-100). Auriol : Kelvoa Editeur

Spitzenstetter, F., & Schimchowitsch, S. (2012). Interdependency between self- and other-risk assessments in the field of comparative optimism: the contribution of response times. The Psychological Record, 62, 115-124.

Spitzenstetter, F., & Schimchowitsch, S. (2010). Does comparative optimism result from a conscious strategy of self-presentation? In P. R. Brandt, (Ed.), Psychology of Optimism (pp. 157-166). Nova Science Publishers.


Schimchowitsch, S., & Rohmer, O. (2014, August). Can one defuse automatic mental processes? The challenge of meditation ! Oral communication, 10th International Congress of Social Psychology. Paris, France.

Schimchowitsch, S., & Rohmer, O. (2013, November). Does meditation practice help us to reduce our implicit prejudice? Oral communication, Francophone Congress of Positive Psychology : "Psychologie positive et Modernité - Prise en charge, Education & Entreprise". Metz, France.

Spitzenstetter, F., & Schimchowitsch, S. (2012 b, Jully). Can social comparison lead to assimilation or defensive contrast as regards risks ? Oral communication, 9th International Congress of Social Psychology in French language, Porto, Portugal.

Chauvin, B., Rohmer, O., Schimchowitsch, S., Spitzenstetter, F. & Louvet, E. (2012, Jully). Measurement of work stress: proposition for an extended version of Karasek & Theorell’s inventory (jcq, 1990). Oral communication, 9th International Congress of Social Psychology in French language, Porto, Portugal.

Symposia organization

  • Round Table « Around Joy, positive emotions to construct ». Strasbourg, Faculty of Psychology, November 3td 2014. Speakers : M.-A. Bergeon, J. Lecomte, F. Reder, O. Rohmer, G. Siguier-Sauné, Swamini Umananda.
  • Symposium « Meditative practices, Sciences, Work & Health ». Organized at Strasbourg, Faculty of Psychology, November 21-23td 2012, with M.-C. Fruhinsholz, Consultant in medico-social policy.

    • Round Table « Which resources to reduce stress at work, to prevent burnout, to relieve suffering ? Prophylactic and therapeutic opportunities of meditation practice ». Speakers : Drs J.-G. Bloch, J.-M. Gueullette, D. Chevassut & J. Vigne.
    • Conference «Méditative practices, Psychology, Neurology, Medicine & Neurosciences : The emergence of contemplative science». Speaker : Dr J. Vigne, in summary of the « International Symposia for Contemplative Studies » organized by the Mind & Life Institute in Denver, Colorado (USA), April 2012.

  • Member, Organization Committee and Scientific Committee, 9th ADRIPS Applied Psychology Meeting, Strasbourg, France.

Recent funding

Chauvin, B., Louvet, E., Raffin, D., Rohmer, O., Schimchowitsch, S., & Spitzenstetter, F. (2011). Scientific Council of the University of Strasbourg ("Well-being at work after the fusion of 3 universities").

Promotion of University research

Speaker at the Round Table « Virtuality-Reality : where is the boundary line? », University/Society Meetings « Common Knowledge(s) ». Strasbourg, November 2009.

Teaching and professional service

Management of Doctorate and Master’s research works

Management of research training sessions for B.A and Advanced Technician's Certificate (BTS)

Some undergraduate and postgraduate courses and tutorials

Selected publications 1983- 2008 [Neuroscience focus]

Tassi, P., Schimchowitsch, S., Rohmer, O., Elbaz, M., Bonnefond, A., Sagaspe, P., Taillard, J., Leger, D., & Philip, P. (2012). Effects of acute and chronic sleep deprivation on daytime alertness and cognitive performance of healthy snorers and non snorers. Sleep Medicine, 13, 29-35.

Tassi, P., Saremi, M., Schimchowitsch, S., Eschenlauer, A., Rohmer, O., & Muzet, A. (2010). Cardiovascular responses to railway noise during sleep in young and middle-aged adults. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 108, 671-80.

Vallée F, Müller C, Durand A, Schimchowitsch S, Dellacherie E, Kelche C, Cassel JC and Leonard M (2009) Synthesis and rheological properties of hydrogels based on amphiphilic alginate-amide derivatives. Carbohydrate Res. 344: 223-228.

Muller C, Herberth H, Cosquer B, Kelche C, Cassel JC and Schimchowitsch S (2007) Structural and functional recovery elicited by combined putrescine and aminoguanidine treatment after aspirative lesion of the fimbria-fornix and overlying cortex in the adult rat. Eur. J. Neurosci. 25: 1949-1960.

Chughtai N, Schimchowitsch S, Lebrun J.J, Ali S (2002). Prolactin induces SHP-2 association with Stat5, nuclear translocation, and binding to the beta-casein gene promotor in mammary cells. J. Biol. Chem. 227: 31107-31114.

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